The Problem

Is your CRM software failing you?

Traditional CRMs were originally built from the ground up to keep track of customers. Nothing more, nothing less.

But you're trying to manage your entire sales process —from prospecting to customer renewal (and everything in between). Your CRM can't do that simply, predictively, or in real-time without a lot of make-shift 'repairs' or bolt-on software. You end up throwing away more time and money for a product that was never designed to lead you to higher sales.

The Gap:
50-80% Of CRM implementations fail. *

That's an incredible failure rate. Worse, it represents a staggering loss of time, money, and sales productivity. How did this happen? Simple. You fell in the Gap.

What most people don't know is that CRMs don't manage the "conversation." And the conversation – the point at which you receive a lead to when it becomes a forecastable sales prospect – is the most important part of your sales process. This missing piece is known as the Gap. No wonder the CRM failure rate is so high.

The Traditional Sales Cycle

Unlike CRMs, the conversation is the piece we're really good at. No longer will you lose over 90% of your pipeline in the Gap. In fact, ProspectStream manages it so well that your sales team will move 3x more leads into your forecastable pipeline. Learn More

* Statistics provided by technology research firms Gartner and META Group.