The Science

Our secret sauce is science.

We use science as a strategic weapon to systematically improve sales performance, drive sales growth, and maximize revenue growth. And no one else has it because no one else has taken the time to record and analyze over 3.2 million sales calls.

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    The Science of Behavior

    Find out the optimum time lapse between calls to achieve your most positive outcomes. Learn More

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    The Science of Effort

    See what it takes to get a good conversation even to begin. You may find this surprising. Learn more

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    The Science of Selling

    Find out how you can save lots of time and money by simply understanding your buyer’s behaviors. Learn more

Days Between Calls

Do you know how often your sales team calls your prospects? Knowing that can increase your performance by at least 20 percent. Let's say it takes 40 dials to reach a target. Drop that to 30, and you'll save 28 percent in time and labor. But you can't get there because you don't know the science behind call cycles. We do.

Call too often, you create anxiety. Don't call enough, you can't build urgency. But calling in the right cycle impacts your success rate enormously. A qualified prospect is often lost for no other reason than a call is made at the wrong time.

Call Cycle is an example of one of the many aspects of the science of behavior.

Number of Attempts

Two big mistakes include giving up too early and not leaving a voicemail each time you call. Our data on millions of sales calls proves that it takes at least three calls to the same person before you'll start to get a good conversation. And a call doesn't count unless you leave a voicemail.

As you can see in the bell curve, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th call is where you have a chance to move a sales prospect forward.

This productivity curve is an example of one of the many aspects of the science of effort.

How People Buy

As the study shows, we buy differently than we sell. So until your sales model matches your customers' buying model, you'll be wasting a lot of time and money.

ProspectStream allows you to tweak and sync your sales model with your customers' buying model. And being in sync with your prospects and customers means a lot more business for you. ProspectStream is not a sales theory, it's a proven science.

This buy/sell curve is an example of one of the many aspects of the science of selling.