The Solution

80% of my business comes from existing clients and 20% from new business, we better be good at both or we are going backwards!

The Infinity System combines the sales process from ProspectStream and the client lifecycle management from Contract Guardian into one complete solution:

  1. Increasing the time and productivity for your sales people to sell more
  2. Growing sales by mastering the relationship with your clients
  3. Providing to the management team the process details, client knowledge, and analytics in order to achieve improvement and forecast growth

Infinity System is a complete, never-ending management process of your prospects and clients.

The Walk-Through

The following is a walk-through of the process Infinity deploys to your team. Each step in your process is critical to your success and fully managed in the Infinity System.

  • 1

    Beginning with Sales Process management

    Targeting a new prospect, using the ProspectStream business development process you team is guided to set up optimum selling process that allow them to effectively work the sale process starting with prospect qualification.

  • 2

    The sales process, manage your entire sales pipeline from cold to close

  • 3

    Close business, never lose sight of any prospect or any player in the buying process

  • 4

    Moving to the Client Lifecycle management process

    Creating a new client, create proposals or contracts and load into the system, set contact criteria, gain electronic signatures, set marketing drip (either custom or driven by marketing) and set criteria for reengagement with sales.

  • 5

    Manage service contacts, warranties, upgrades etc.

  • 6

    Reengage process, plan message, timing, people, new offerings, coordinate with vendor partners, etc.

  • 7

    Send back to sales person to reengage, sales person can look at all communications and contract updates to begin the selling process. Start back at step 1.

Why is ProspectStream's Infinity System becoming the new standard for Sales Process Management??

  • CRM does not deploy a process, Infinity does and the difference is spectacular
  • Putting your process into Infinity will bring it to life, real time
  • Deploying your best practices will create a culture around the process
  • Managing your "Client Lifecycle" is a fresh way to solve an old problem

"Infinity System is a never-ending system for making every client feel like your most important client ...forever."

(Obviously, we could fill the website with these kinds of
quotes but here are a few we really like.)

"I manage 10,000 prospect/client records, 15 sales reps, multiple campaigns and nothing slips through the cracks."

Small Business Owner

"We have two divisions; neither communicates to the other and both run separate sales campaigns. My goal was to leverage our client data for each division in order to cross sell and to increase efficiency. It only made sense, we already have the relationship so they were much more likely to buy. The smaller division has two years of leads now and a by-product is we are finding any client that is at risk and making sure they remain a client for the larger division."

Sales Consultant

"The easiest place to grow business is from existing clients and as a sales consultant it is really easy when my client is running the infinity system. We set up our strategy and message for each client type and when it is time all the information to resell or upsell is at their fingertips."

Chief Operating Officer

"Infinity, in two months, increased warranty renewal rates from 27% to 44%."

Service Manager

"Infinity has transformed the client management process. I have never seen a tool remotely close to Infinity's multifaceted functionality, it has transformed our approach. We were often unsystematic and we are now highly efficient."

Corporate Sales Manager

"I am no longer building reports, I am creating analytics and now I am the data source for the company."

Chief Marketing Officer

Infinity. Investing in your most valuable asset.

Infinity System is a complete process, for a reasonable investment.

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