The Solution

The first technology on the market to tdrive the daily activity of any salesperson ensuring they work the right prospects, with the right sequence and repetition, while delivering the right message.

ProspectStream is an advanced web-based solution that can double your sales productivity. Our customers call it amazing. We call it Sales Process Management. It’s not a CRM — it proactively drives your call cycle with science-based practices, and collects, monitors, and measures all activity.

  • Optimize caller productivity - 50%
  • Enjoy full visibility into your callers' process
  • Translate opportunities objectively
  • Simplify complex databases
  • Track the entire sales pipeline, not just the so-called "forecastable" sales pipeline

ProspectStream's entire Sales Process Management tool is based on just four tabs.

The basics of Customer Life Cycle Management

  • 1

    Call List Tab

    Our "Today List" is your first step in building productivity and sales. It's the result of applying your best practices, processes, and sales rules. Its the records you need to work now, in the order they need to be worked. Nothing is lost, forgotten, ignored, passed by, or buried; the right records - right now.

  • 2

    Prospect Tab

    All the data your sales rep needs about a prospect are right here: refresh next step and make a call, what happened on the last call, who is involved, history, company information, and make the call.

  • 3

    Guidance Tab

    ProspectStream's dynamic messaging technology is the only tool that lets your sales team manage the entire qualifying process and conversation with your prospects.

  • 4

    Disposition Tab

    The disposition tab is where you build your best thinking, apply your business rules, track your metrics, trigger next activities, apply discipline, make life simple, and create a credible process, all with a few clicks.

ProspectStream teaches your sales people how to do their jobs better.

There are many benefits of Sales Process Management Software, only some of which can be easily measured. Some of the benefits are intangible, reflected in improved work quality, more pertinent and usable information, and improved control, all of which are difficult to quantify. Other benefits are tangible, but their savings show up further downstream in the sales process; therefore, its difficult to assign a dollar figure to them in the early phase. Benefits derived from implementing ProspectStream's Sales Process Management Software can be directly measured.

"ProspectStream drives amazing results."

(Obviously, we could fill the website with these kinds of
quotes but here are a few we really like.)

"ProspectStream keeps my organization's prospecting efforts on track"

Owner-Technology Reseller

"Too many salespeople and lead generation specialists waste time pursuing unqualified leads," says sales consultant. -(client), with the ProspectStream system and approach, focuses on a method of true qualification that does not rely on subjective or cursory determinations of mere fit. They have found better prospects, closed targeted business, and their business is now twice its size. By targeting accounts that best fit them and not chasing anyone interested (client) has already doubled their sales and are now looking to double it again. Amazing considering (client) is a machine tool company making product in the USA, so much for being a vanishing industry."

Chief Marketing Officer

"ProspectStream has revolutionized the prospect management process. I have never seen a tool remotely close to ProspectStream’s complex functionality with such user simplicity. The software transforms the often disorganized and stressful methods of managing relationships to one easily maneuverable and highly efficient prospect management system. Kudos to the ProspectStream team and their phenomenal creation!"

Chief Operating Officer

"I can measure effort, effectiveness and results of my entire sales organization."

VP Sales

"I manage 10,000 client records, 15 sales reps, multiple campaigns and with ProspectStream nothing slips through the cracks."

VP Sales

ProspectStream is so affordable.

A minimal investment gets you an entire sales process management tool.

Product Description Licenses
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ProspectStream SaaS
Sales Process Management v3
$1,068 $89 1 to 3
$1,068 $89 4 to 9
$1,068 $89 10 to 24
$1,008 $84 25 to 49
$948 $79 50 to 99

Prices are based on a standard contract length of 1 year.

Deployment Costs All prices
Per Users
  • Software training
  • Advanced "train the trainer" program
  • Set-up of features
  • Advanced level assistance
$500 1 to 3
$1,000 4 to 9
$1,500 10 to 24
$2,000 25 to 49
$2,500 50 to 99
quote 100+
Once you have made your purchase each License will get:
  • Updates and upgrades for the life of your subscription free
  • Email technical support for the life of your subscription, support is eastern standard time from 8:30 to 5:00pm which might affect west coast one hour support response times. free
  • User access 24-7 on any browser anywhere free
  • Detailed documentation and group webinars to get you started free
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